There has been a great deal of speculation of how Track &Trace will effect sections of our trade.
please see below AITS  (RAP) current understand of the Track and Trace Legislation as far as we know at present.

Let me say firstly that as a retailer you are not involved in producing any special labelling or registration of goods  as  all this will be done before the goods reach you.
This new procedure is over and above what is currently done by the Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade already has to do.

There are a number of abbreviations which I would like to clarify for you so that you will be able to understand the process more easily.
Facility means any location or building where tobacco products are manufactured, stored or placed on the market, requires registration with a FIC.

FID                        Facility Identification Code

TC,s                      Transportation Companies

EO                         Economic  Operator

EOID                     Economic Operator Identification Code.

If you are a EO you have to have a EOID

Where we see the problems arising are in the area of Transportation Companies because at present the major transportation Companies; UPS,TNT,PARCELFORCE ROYAL MAIL, DHL and CLIPPER are not very happy with the process that is being put forward by HMRC from the EU.

How this effects our Members

(independent and multiple/group retailers)

If you’re the first in the supply chain to make tobacco products available for sale to the public (including vending machine owners), you’re classed as the ‘first retailer’.

You will need to register for the below IDs:

  • An Economic Operator ID (EOID)
  • Separate facility IDs (FIDs) for each premises you use to:
  • Sell tobacco products to the public
  • Store tobacco products


If you do not register, you will not be able to purchase any tobacco products that are Track & Trace compliant from suppliers from 20th May 2019

Key Dates

From 30th April 2019:

You will be able to register for an FID and EOID code. Codes will be free of charge and can be requested through:

You will need to provide the following to register:

  • Business Name
  • Business address
  • Retailer Name
  • VAT/ Tax number
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Please ensure the details you supply are accurate and up to date.

By 20th May 2019:

You must have an FID and EOID to be able to purchase any tobacco products that are Track & Trace compliant.

You can continue to sell tobacco products that do not use the Track & Trace system until 20th May 2020.

From 20th May 2020:

From this date, you may only sell stock compliant with the Track & Trace requirements (i.e. packs that feature a UI and security label).

Your Officers in the Association are currently pressing the Government for some relaxation in the areas of;

Other Tobacco Products

Carriage Problems

Alteration to current deadlines.


Your Officers are in touch with the relevant Government Dept. with regard to the ongoing situation  concerning where we are with this and we will keep you all informed as and when we get feedback from them. This is very much a moveable item at the moment as you can see from all the reports that are coming out daily.

We as an Association will do our best to keep our members informed. Even though the above dates have passed we feel it is important that members are prepared. If any member has any concerns on this or any other matter please can you get in touch with me. We are here to help.