Taking Snuff

Nasal snuff is a finely ground, flavored tobacco, taken in the non-offensive form of a simple sniff into the nostrils. Snuff began as the tobacco choice of royalty and the elite in 17th century Europe, before being provided to the masses.

English nasal snuff is made with a wide variety of flavors, including spearmint, raspberry, apricot, lavender, bergamot, and Seville orange, to name just a few. The most popular use of snuff is to take just a pinch between you thumb and forefinger and sniff it lightly into the nose. This provides a pleasant aroma, lasting 15-20 minutes, as well as a noticeable nicotine lift. Many pipe smokers have also taken to the old English act of adding a sprinkle of their favorite snuff into their burning bowl of pipe tobacco for an added aroma, taste, and nicotine boost.

Snuff taking is becoming more popular in the UK with the indoor smoking ban in public places. It is a popular choice for smokers taking long haul flights, suppressing the need to smoke.