Introducing the new Celebration collection from Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited. This presentation is the first time that Dunhill offer a three cigar collection. Each pack contains three Robusto cigars, one each from the Dunhill premium cigar portfolios, also available in display units of 18 packs of three. They will be available in stores towards the end of July.

The Signed Range
In an unrivalled pursuit of quality and perfection, Dunhill’s Master Blender uses the finest Nicaraguan tobacco. This results in a medium bodied, smooth taste cigar, a mark of quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Aged Range
These hand rolled cigars begin with the rich, fertile soil in the Dominican Republic. The five tobaccos are aged in dark
cedar lined rooms for one year creating a smooth and rounded character.

The 1907 Range
Expertly hand rolled in the Dominican Republic, the
exceptional 1907 by Dunhill uses fine Honduran wrappers to enhance the smooth yet powerful taste of this premium