Tor Imports are delighted to launch Drew Estate Cigars at the NTGF Show at Nottingham on 4th October. “Dirty” Fabien Ziegler is joining the Tor Staff on their booth to explain the Drew Estate concept to all the show attendees. Drew Estate consider themselves to be the most innovative premium cigar manufacturer in the world. What humbly started as a one man retail kiosk in New York has grown to become one of the greatest success stories in any industry.

“The Rebirth of Cigars” is more than a corporate slogan, it is the Drew mantra. It reflects how they approach everything they do within the cigar industry from their production techniques, branding, creative direction and even how they designed their factory. Drew always chart their own course and do things their way and never look back. There is only one direction at Drew Estate and that is forward.

The real art takes place on the factory floor at their Gran Fabrica in Esteli, Nicaragua, where they ascribe to the classic, artesan Cuban handmade techniques of crafting cigars. Drew are ceaselessly experimenting with methodology, blends and even the perception of what a cigar is supposed to be. It is this willingness to experiment and open minded approach that has enabled Drew to not only produce sought after brands, but create entirely new segments within the premium cigar market.

The UK Drew Estate range will consist of cigars from the MUWAT, Undercrown, ACID, ACID Krush Classic, Larutan and Liga Privada No9 families.