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Welcome to the November 2019 newsletter. I am sure those who managed to get to the NT&GF  picked up some new brands and good deals.

For our eighth article we have a contribution from Dokha Tobacco one of our newer members

Why are people interested in Dokha tobacco? (Enjoy-Dokha Ltd )Dokha has been popular in the Middle East for a very long time, but its popularity has spread across Europe.  People who smoke Dokha, have a  lot of choice today, but it wasn’t that long ago that many went without due to supply limitations.  Enjoy Dokha set out to change this and for the last 9 years have been committed to delivering exceptional blends of Dokha to anyone interested… But what is it about Dokha that’s got increasing numbers of people switching away from other tobacco?

Dokha is the original Arabic tobacco, that is grown in mountainous farms in the UAE. Dokha is naturally dried by the hot desert winds, before being finely ground in a time-honoured tradition which retains its natural green colouration. Once dried and ground, the blends are typically classified into light, medium or hot Dokha varieties.  The fresh, firm flavour which is inescapably Dokha, something that’s difficult to replicate anywhere else.

Dokha is more concentrated than most tobaccos, this is where the enjoyable buzz comes from when you exhale; a nicotine buzz that’s intensified by Dokha’s natural strength. Light Dokha typically produces a pleasing light buzz upon exhaling, with medium and hot blends providing a stronger smoke and buzz. Dokha is a cost effective and efficient alternative for seasoned smokers looking to achieve the same satisfaction.

Traditionally, Dokha tobacco is smoked through a Medwakh pipe.  Although there are no rules around what makes a tobacco pipe a Medwakh, the style of a Medwakh is very distinctive. Most notably, the Medwakh Pipe bowl tends to be much smaller than western tobacco pipes as the Dokha itself is more concentrated and therefore less is needed to be smoked. The pipe itself is traditionally around 6 inches long but can come in a whole range of shapes and sizes.  Medwakh pipes are often handmade, allowing for creativity in the manufacturing process. They’re crafted from a variety of materials including wood, bone, metals, stone, and glass.

Founded in 2011, Enjoy Dokha was the first to regularly supply fresh Dokha direct from the tobacco farms in the UAE to the UK and Europe.  We have since expanded to the United States where our trusted quality remains a pillar in our operations. Enjoy Dokha is now proud to be able to say, we have one of the largest selections of quality Dokha products in the world

Dokha Tobacco Leafs

NT & GF 5th and 6th November Trent Bridge

Another year another National Tobacco & Gift Fair, the 40th this time and as enjoyable and popular as ever, but don’t the years go too quick?

It was encouraging to see a steady amount of Retailers passing from one hall to another and even back again (never a bad thing). The halls were nice and full with many old faces and even some new ones, (younger looking too or are we just getting older?)  The stands were looking very appealing with plenty of goods to pass our eyes over, you can’t beat being able to physically look and touch and try out the items on sale and to also see new stock coming through , one good reason trade shows are important to the Retailer, it gives us an opportunity to confidently try something new. It’s also nice to see special guests, a chance to meet some of the faces behind the brands.

Each supplier despite how busy they were (and it was good to see them busy) made time to have a chat and a catch up and to offer a drink, as one supplier commented “It gives us an opportunity to buy you a tea or coffee as you always make us one when we visit your shop” and then to the nitty gritty of placing an order.  There were also some good offers to be had, free gifts, buy one get one free, money off certain items, this always helps to encourage the retailer to come and buy.

A good choice of catering, with the portable drinks trolley, and then a choice of sandwiches etc and drinks  by the lift area (the sausage rolls seemed very popular) and the option to go down to the first floor canteen for a bite of lunch and a welcomed sit down.

And then to the dinner, this is always a really good opportunity to get together with old friends and colleagues that we don’t always get to see during the year, and of course to meet new acquaintances. Plenty of good food served by fantastic Trent Bridge staff with lots of wine and really good company made for an excellent evening. The magician was on top form as always which had many guests discussing how on earth did he do that! A short but sweet speech from our Chairman and then Supplier of the Year being awarded to Barkers of Harrogate. An all-round enjoyable evening.

It’s always a pleasure to see so many people supporting our Trade Show, we maybe a small industry but if we all work and come together to these events we will stay strong and flourish.

Update on Legislation regarding Brexit, however they could be subject to change (what a surprize)


The document states the position when the UK becomes a ‘3rd party’ country after the withdrawal date, and not necessarily, as I understand it, specifically after a ‘No Deal’ BREXIT.


As of the withdrawal date the current reporting requirement through the Common Entry Gateway (EU-CEG) will cease to apply to all products placed on the UK market.


Since the Health Warning images are owned by the EU Commission they can no longer be used for products ‘placed on the market’ after the withdrawal date.This is a major point of contention because when this issue was announced at the beginning of this year, the wording stated that no products ‘produced’ after the withdrawal date could carry the former images.We believe that this wording is loose, because every single tobacco manufacturer cannot be expected to change to completely different images overnight. This is being checked, and we are hoping that, whilst ‘old’ product can’t be ‘produced’ after the withdrawal date, it should still be possible to sell it in the UK for the stated period of 1 year after the withdrawal date. It is quite clear nevertheless that all ‘old’ product has to be clear of the market 1 year after the withdrawal date (about which ITPAC complained unsuccessfully to the DHSC at the beginning of the year). 


Tobacco products sent as of the withdrawal date from the United Kingdom into an EU market have to comply with the rules for importation into the EU.Therefore, these tobacco products have to be marked with a unique identifier issued by the ID issuer of the EU Member State on whose market the product is placed. Tobacco products imported from the EU to the United Kingdom have to comply with the rules for exports from the EU. Therefore these products have to be marked with a unique identifier issued by the ID issuer of the EU Member State in which the product was manufactured.


As of the withdrawal date, product movements from the EU to the United Kingdom and vice-versa are exports/imports respectively, and have to be recorded accordingly.


As of the withdrawal date all UK stakeholders involved in the Traceability & Security (‘Track & Trace’) measures must be disconnected from both primary and secondary repositories.The data linked to the UK must remain in the repositories system and be stored in accordance with the applicable retention policy


There is also the change in the regulations regarding the sale of Menthol Cigarettes in the UK. As from May 20th 2020 you will not be able to sell menthol Cigarettes or HRT.

Excise bridging Guide

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 Some interesting news from Robert Graham in their Cambridge Shop, some of you may want to go???

Robert Grahm

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