Dear All,

As it is not long now before the fees for 2020/2021 are due I thought it would be useful for all members to be reminded of the 2 fee options and their cost;

1. Full Membership of AITS ; this entitles the shop owner to have voting rights at the general and AGM meetings. The cost of this is £150.00 per shop per year
2. Membership of AITS; This means that the shop is a member of AITS but has no voting rights. Cost of this is £40.00 per shop per year.

I must point out that if you only have 1 shop you have to be a Full Member. If you have a number of shops you can have more than one full member, ie
4 shops you want 3 full members and 1 member the cost would be 3*£150.00 =£450.00 and 1* £40.00 =£40.00 so total would be £490.00.

Having read the above you may wish to change current membership for 2020/21. If that is the case could you please let me know by the 15th OF FEBUARY SO THAT I CAN LEAISE WITH Keith to get the correct invoice sent to you in March.

For my information would you also confirm the number of shops ypu do have.