Dear All,

Welcome to the December 2019 newsletter. There will not be a contribution from any member this month as I know you will all be very busy.
From my side it will be short as well

Well what a year it has been I think you will agree with GPDR, Track & Trace, Pack sizes, Health Warnings and Menthol coming up next May.

So there is no confusion I would like to confirm the dates for the 2020 NT&GF for next year.

The NT&GF 2020 will be held at Trent Bridge on the 3rd & 4th October

Other Important Dates in 2020.
Next General meeting will be April 22nd 2020
AGM will be November 4th 2020
Committee Meetings will be in Jan, March, May, July and Sept.


Hopefully you will be reading this newsletter on the NEW AITS website. This site has been developed for you by people who have your interests at heart. It has taken a long long time to come to fruition and I hope you will enjoy it.
A website is only as good as the up to date information on it and this is where we need your help please.
You will see that we have pictures of some members shops, however we want every members shop being shown and if possible a small piece about the shop and what you sell, Lastly you web address would be useful as well.
Any promotional activity you are doing, new brands, tastings, stories from the shop anything that you feel would be of interest to other members and don’t forget part of the site will be open to anyone over 18 years old who may be looking for a Special Cigar or Pipe or Pipe tobacco and the accessories that go with them.
As I said at the start it is down to all of us to make it work and the more we put in the more we will all get out of it.

General Information to do with the above

A reminder of the changes to some e-mail addresses

As you will see we have changed the website address to You will be able to read this on the website once you have received the information regarding your members password. Also please note my e-mail address has changed to
Could you please use my new address for all future correspondence as I will pick this email address first so it will save me time and will allow me to reply sooner?

Jelf is evolving and becoming March Commercial, however there is nothing we have to do.
Jodie Crowe is our new Account Executive.
Address is now;
Marsh Commercial Central House Beckwith Knowle
Otley Road
Tel 01423 700730 m 07824 591759 e-mail

Karelia Tobacco

Good news regarding T&T stock. They are now have all the equipment installed and are fully operational and all customers are in receipt of T&T stock. They tell me they still have non T&T stock available and please remember you still have 6 months to sell it.


Can I on behalf of myself and all the Committee wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and lets all hope that 2020 is not so bloody complicated for us as 2019, but don’t hold your breath.