Here we go again, this will be my 5th Behind the Counter, and I do hope you are all enjoying it, and can relate to some of what I am rabbiting on about.  Over the years we have all had to deal with regulations upon regulations, so you would think we were used to it by now, then comes along Covid with its own regulations, and you think to yourself how much more can I take? What else will they come up with? But you deal with it and keep moving forward (we must survive somehow).                                                                                                                                       


A few weeks ago the council gave us one week’s notice saying that they were going to take most of our high street parking away and replace it with bollards to form socially distancing pavements because of our high footfall (which in itself is a load of bollards) most of the people walking around here have just got out of a car (which they now are struggling to park).

Within a couple of days of them being installed, one section (there are four sections altogether) was removed overnight by one of the locals, and another section a few evenings later, slowly they were all starting to disappear (except the ones opposite us). Then the council came along and reinstalled them all.

They were only screwed into the ground but the second time round they were reinforced with longer screws.  Now this was about 2 weeks ago, every morning I drive through I have noticed one bollard missing then the next day another one is missing and so on and so forth. I believe the tactic here is take out one at a time and its less obvious what is going on.

It has been quite entertaining, but at the end of the day no one is using the socially distancing section and somehow our customers are finding somewhere to park. We are lucky being a specialist that they have to make the effort to get to us, but I do feel for all the other businesses (hence why the bollards are being removed).


Because I only allow one customer at any one time in the shop, they all must queue outside, so they are either chatting to one another or looking in the windows. It’s daft of me not to have realised this but I noticed sales of lighters, ashtrays and cigarette boxes have gone right up, it took me weeks to realise that they were looking at items they never would have normally seen before. So, this one in one out situation has helped me move more fancy goods that I ever would have done under normal circumstances.


When the rule of six came in last month Dad was serving and this lady came into the shop and asked him, “Now there is this rule of six you can have six people in the shop can’t you?” He then spent the next few minutes trying to explain the rules to her.

I was asked the next day by one chap “When will you stop one person in the shop at any one time?” “Well” I replied, “How long is a piece of string? It will be when the government scraps social distancing “, “Oh yeah I suppose so” (seriously I do despair about some people).


You may recall a few weeks ago Robin on my behalf sent out an email regarding a chap called Dennis wanting to buy a significant amount of Cohiba’s to be shipped out to China.     

The scam is that he would then pay by credit card I would send the goods out then he would say they had never arrived and then would expect a full refund (even though he had received the cigars). I did say I would phone him back the next day but I didn’t do that on purpose, my thinking was if he doesn’t chase me about it he may suspect I’m onto him, well he never phoned back.             

We will never know for sure but one thing I do know is that he picked the wrong person when he spoke to me! Right that is it again for now, stay safe, sane and stay away from scams.