Hello everybody

It’s good to be here writing again. I had to take a step back last year due to the most wonderful, easy and stress-free experience of buying a house, NOT!! But I’m happy to report we completed on 19th December which was very fitting, because on that very same date in 1961 my Grandparents completed on the property we are in now, having moved 3 doors down so we could have larger premises. Which happily leads me to…

100yrs and 5 generations, it’s quite an achievement.

The business was started by my Great-grandparents Percy and Ann Browell, but unfortunately, we do not know the actual date or month this happened. We are trying to find this out but if that fails, we are going with 16th March when my father will turn 80, so watch this space!

But for now Michael Adler from Cadogan has very kindly engraved this brass plaque for us, with all of our names on it, for our customers to see (and a lovely keepsake for the future). Not quite a blue plaque outside but it’s the next best thing and we are very proud of it, so thank you again Michael for doing a fantastic job.

I had a phone call from ITV a few weeks ago, as they wanted to talk to a professional within the industry (that amused me), regarding Snus, and why children are using it and where they are getting it from.

Firstly, I informed the nice lady that we don’t sell it (that didn’t bother her) and secondly, I would be guessing the reasons (that didn’t bother her either). So, despite all of this she wanted to come round the following week with a film crew and interview me for that week’s news.

I’m not about to go on national TV talking about something I know nothing about. Not only that, but unfortunately in this day and age publicity can back-fire, and it seems to me there are often more negatives than positives, (but that’s just my feelings). So, my answer was ‘no thanks’, and she hung up very disappointed.

Just thinking about it hurts my head, so I’m not going to get too much into it.

But one thought I did have was that if I was to now have a grandchild and they one day wanted to take over the running of the business, as a retailer would they be permitted to buy tobacco in order to sell to the public?

Well however you look at it, it will be a major disaster all round if it goes ahead.

If anyone would like to contribute a story towards the next newsletter, please email me at pbrowells@btopenworld.com

Till next time, Shelley.